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Ergonomic School Bags for Children

Add a Cool iPod Bag to your School Essentials

We all love to listen to music on the go and it pays to protect your iPod with a purpose-made bag or some form of pouch. At the same time, most of us like to look cool too, so you will probably want something that is a bit out of the ordinary and that displays a touch of style, as well as being functional. That would really be a bonus, if you are out to impress your buddies. To complete your mission, it will probably mean that you are going to have to look a bit further than your local electronics supermarket, with its usual boring collection of standard accessories. So if you are really keen to find something that is seriously different, you will need to find a specialist.

In addition to lending a splash of colour and perhaps an eye-catching pattern, if your iPod bag is to provide all of the protection for your portable music player that is needed, you should also check that it offers a few fairly basic design features. For instance, you will want a unit that is compact enough to carry with ease, perhaps with a strap to attach it to your wrist. A separate pocket into which you can pop your earphones would also be a nice-to-have feature.

Most importantly though, it must be sufficiently well-padded, in order to protect your MP3 player against the shock of an accidental fall and to withstand being tossed into your briefcase, back pack or desk drawer on those occasions when you may need to focus on more mundane activities, such as your job or schoolwork. Also, the interior of your iPod bag should probably have a soft lining that will provide a snug fit and ensure that your player will not get scratched while you are on the move.

As so many of today’s electronic devices are designed to be portable, the need for specially designed carrying cases has grown in parallel. These include units to hold a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, perhaps a portable gaming device and, for those who prefer their photographs to be of better quality than they can hope to achieve on their phone, maybe a digital SLR camera too.

Totem is a company that specialises in the supply of school bags, backpacks and similar items, and would therefore be a good place to start your search for the ultimate iPod bag. In fact, an attractive purse or wallet could provide not just a convenient way to carry a lipstick and some lunch money, but also a handy section into which you could pop your MP3 player for safety. One thing that you can definitely rely on when you shop at one of the many retail outlets in South Africa that now stock Totem products, is exceptional quality and the style to complement it.

If you are shopping for anything from a sling bag to a lunch bag or something into which you can pack everything that junior will need at the kindergarten, the Totem logo is the sign of a product that is built to last. With around 60 outlets in Gauteng alone, it should not be too hard to find just the right tote or iPod bag to suit your needs.


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