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Ergonomic School Bags for Children

The a Brief History of Pencil Cases

Pencil cases are one of the key items of a well prepared student. It is a simple concept which was invented in 1946. Decades ago, they were made from precious metals and were an accessory of the rich to house their expensive pens and pencils. In later years, pencil boxes took on a whole new meaning and were designed to prevent the pencil point from breaking, and from making holes in your clothing.

Once these all-purpose cases were patented, the designs advanced, although in some cases, pencil cases made of expensive materials that were used for the more delicate pens and pencils, are still in existence to this day. They come in many different designs, sizes and colours, and are mainly used for writing accessories and to protect high-end pens and pencils.

Modern and Quirky Pencil Cases

The cases come in all different styles and shapes making them a fun item for kids and they also prevent kids from losing their pencils, pens, calculator, erasers and crayons. Regardless of whether your child prefers cute, cool, and crazy or chic, there is a case to suit your child’s personality and style. Moms can use these cases to encourage their children to practice their writing skills, especially if they are filled with cool writing accessories.

Well-designed cases can ignite a child’s creativity and imagination, as the innovative designs will help them create a passion around their school work, creative activities and self-expression. Every time a child uses their pencil bag, they express their unique personality and their academic success.

Cool Pencil Bags for Busy Toddlers

There is nothing like a cool pencil bag to help your little one create extraordinary pieces of artwork. Drawing helps creative thinking, as well as develops their hand and eye coordination skills. By encouraging your child to be creative, you are helping them reach their developmental milestones.

Colourful pencil bags inspire writing and drawing skills, as many young children experience a lot of pressure and stress when they start writing, especially when first learning to write their name. With a child’s very own unique pencil case filled with all types of colourful fun items, you can help your child make writing an exciting and fun experience. Rewarding a child’s grade achievements helps them to further develop their fine motor and other developmental skills.

Pencil Cases with Lots of Storage Space

There are simple triple pencil bags which have three compartments making it a practical organiser and clips onto the child’s schoolbag, making for easy access. The interior of these cases are fully lined and padded, and come with detachable compartments and strong zippers. For the artist, there are long trendy pencil bags and tube pencil bags that are well suited to all ages.

There is a wide range of pencil cases to choose from. These cases also come in unique colours, which will encourage any child to further develop their creative and writing skills. The best way to stimulate a child is providing them with a pencil bag filled with bright colours and shapes, as this will stimulate their curiosity in more ways than one.

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