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Ergonomic School Bags for Children

A Fashionable Sling Bag Makes an Attractive and Practical Accessory

A typical sling bag, as the name suggests, is designed to be slung over the shoulder when in use. In addition to providing a convenient means with which to carry a few essential items; they are also intended to act as an attractive fashion accessory. Considerably less formal than the conventional leather handbag, these handy carryalls are generally covered with fabric in bright or pastel colours, and are often decorated with intricate designs. Their eye-catching appearance has seen them quickly become a popular item of casualwear among today’s teenagers and young adults, who favour their stylish convenience for use both at their colleges and in their places of work.

The sling bag differs from the equally popular and stylish backpacks still favoured by South Africa’s youth in being more easily accessed when on the move. Since they also provide considerably less carrying space than the typical backpack, they are best suited to those occasions when the wearer has relatively few items to carry. Practical, as well as being easy on the eye, they will normally have an external pocket where the things that you may need in a hurry, such as an employee or student ID card, can be found without any undue hassles.

Fully padded to provide maximum protection, the interior of a good quality sling bag should also provide the user with a number of separate pockets, so that its contents may be organised effectively. Given the almost universal need for some form of portable computing device today, at least one of these internal pockets should be equipped with additional padding and be large enough to hold an iPad, Android tablet or a notebook securely.

While there is certainly a need for a stable and durable design, it is also important to keep its weight well below the kilogram mark so that even when it is full to capacity, it can still be worn without causing the wearer any discomfort. With all of these provisions in mind, where will be the best place to shop for this ideal sling bag?

One brand that is known throughout South Africa for the manufacture of these and other types of carryall, as well as a name that is synonymous with quality, is Totem. Stocked by many of the country’s major chains, such as Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Makro and PNA, as well as by dozens of retail outlets that specialise in school wear and related accessories, Totem products have been a household name for many years.

Today, as in the past, our products are still renowned for their cutting-edge designs, as well as for their exceptional durability. The latter is a quality that can be attributed to our insistence upon using only the very best raw materials in the manufacture of each item, including our popular sling bag range. We do not just talk about quality; we guarantee it. Each item in that range, which includes the Evening Rose, Paisley, Gold and Cubed designs, carries our exclusive 3-year guarantee – a benefit that you will be hard pressed to match elsewhere.

If you happen to have children of school or kindergarten age, we offer that same Totem quality with our range of ergonomic and orthopaedic schoolbags, which is typical of our fashionable sling bags.


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