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Ergonomic School Bags for Children

Affordable School Bags – An Investment That Will Not Break Your Back

Studies have shown that the effects of bad posture on a child’s health are becoming more evident and that it is mainly caused by carrying heavy school bags.  Many children at an early age are complaining of symptoms such as poor lung capacity, mood swings, headaches and spinal pain, which are a result of bad posture. Such symptoms can be rectified if a child’s posture is improved from an early age and one way of improving posture is by purchasing an ergonomic schoolbag.

A bag that is specifically designed to prevent bad posture and spinal injuries, will take into account the forward head posture. The reason for that is due to it being one of the most common problems children experience. Heavy backpacks, playing video games, continual use of the computer and even trauma which has forced the body to adjust to a forward head posture are all serious contributors to a bad back.

Preventing Spinal Injuries and Bad Posture

The muscles and nerve pathways can be strengthened with certain repetitive movements. Ideally, the head should sit directly on the shoulders and neck as the weight of the head on the neck is similar to that of a bowling ball. When your neck is out of alignment it will put strain on the upper back muscles and neck.

Cheap school bags can cause an aching neck and muscle fatigue, as the shoulders and neck have to carry weight all through the day which causes loss of blood in the neck, strain, pain, fibromyalgia and burning. When spinal tissue and facets are constantly exposed to heavy loads, the facets become deformed and undergo severe changes that can result in permanent damage. Forward Head Posture (FHP) can also flatten the normal neck curve which in turn results in disc damage and compression and early juvenile arthritis.

Investing in Affordable School Bags for Good Posture

Bad posture and spinal damage can result in tension headaches which are also termed as carcinogenic headaches, and FHP can cause TMJ which leads to bite problems, pain and tension headaches. Bad posture can cause nerve damage which in turn alters the spinal cords blood flow. Cheap school bags can cause early degeneration of the spine, thoracic outlet syndrome, and tissue and muscle pain.

When it comes to good health, good posture is on top of the list and ensures that the muscle, joints and ligaments are properly aligned and contributes to good nervous system function. Investing in an ergonomic or orthopaedic school bag that has been recommended by medical professionals will ensure that your child does not sustain any spinal injuries and will also ensure your child keeps a good posture.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Studies have shown that all it takes is fifteen minutes of carrying a heavy school bag before the shoulder, back and neck muscles become exhausted. Due to the increase in posture related problems more and more children are presenting with muscle imbalance, fatigue and spinal injuries. Prevention is better than cure and this can be achieved by investing in an affordable orthopaedic or ergonomic school bag that is specially designed to take the weight off your child’s back and shoulders. For information about our bags, please feel free to contact our team at TOTEM today!

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