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Ergonomic School Bags for Children

The Effects that Cheap Children Schoolbags Have on a Child’s Health

Health experts have stated that overloaded children schoolbags is contributing to the surge. They have also warned that there are a growing number of children developing irreversible back deformities due to the weight of their schoolbags they carry to school and back each day. By age 14, 50% of children suffer from back pain and doctors have reported an increase in spinal abnormalities as well as curvatures resulting in scoliosis.

As opposed to ten years ago, the weight of schoolbags has virtually doubled and it has led to children suffering from back pain at an early age. Bags are routinely filled with packed lunches, heavy school books, sports kit and laptops and all of this can weigh as much as twelve or thirteen kilograms. If pupils carry 15% of their body weight across their shoulders long term, they will ultimately end up with permanent spinal damage.

Bulky Children Schoolbags Cause Skeletal Injuries

Each year thousands of children sustain repetitive stress injuries by carrying heavy backpacks. Back pain specialists have stated that such injuries can lead to chronic complication in later life. However, these injuries can be prevented by using properly designed ergonomic schoolbags. Children that sustain skeletal injuries from a young age will potentially have problems for the rest of their lives which will lead to physical and emotional costs.

The skeletal system of children are still growing up until the age of 18, so carrying heavy schoolbags will cause lasting damage. Many tend to carry their bags on the crook of their elbow or on one shoulder, which places severe strain on the spine. Most of the schoolbags used are bulky and double the size of those used a decade ago. The bigger the bag the more a child will tend to overload them.

Are Trolley Bags More Effective?

More and more parents are buying trolley bags for their children, as there has been an increasing concern about back injuries caused by carrying heavy schoolbags. However, ergonomic backpacks do have their pros and cons just like trolley bags do, so parents should compare the two options in order to determine which schoolbag is best suited for the child’s needs. Trolley bags are far easier to carry around heavy books and other necessary school items and prevent the risk of a back injury.

A trolley bag is attached to a frame with wheels of which the backpack is attached to and is pulled around by a handle. This option comes with straps and can be carried on a child’s back, which can be extremely dangerous due to the added weight. Many medical experts do not recommend trolley bags, as they turn the spine when pulled behind the child.

It’s More Beneficial for Children

If children’s backpacks are properly monitored, this will prevent short and long term back injuries. Ergonomic schoolbags come with wide shoulder straps and sufficient padding and are comfortable to wear. There is a wide selection of ergonomic products specifically designed for children that will put less strain on their backs. When worn properly, ergonomic school bags help to maintain a good posture and promote a healthy skeletal system, leaving your child happy and healthy!

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