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Ergonomic School Bags for Children

Heavy Backpacks Can Cause Chronic Back Pain in Children

When children carry extra books, sports clothing and other such equipment, packs become too heavy for their still forming muscles and bones. Heavy schoolbags drain a child’s energy and carrying them around can lead to accidents, chronic back pain which long term can result in orthopaedic damage. Among the risks are back and neck strain and nerve damage, growth cartilage inflammation and stress fractures in the back.

The latest backpack and back health studies showed that over 60% of children were carrying more than 10% of their body weight, and that around 90% has packs that weighed over 15% or their own weight. The studies revealed that 70% of students experienced back pain and some had already developed curvature of the spine and scoliosis. The remaining 30% experienced continuous contractures or lower back pain.

Well Designed Orthopaedic Schoolbags

A well designed backpack should sit comfortably on student’s backs or make use of a rolling backpack. A backpack should be no bigger than necessary as the bigger the backpack the more the child will be inclined to carry. The pack should have adjustable wide padded shoulder straps, as narrow straps could cause nerve damage.

The back of the pack should be well padded with compartments for heavier items. The shoulder straps must be adjusted so the bottom of the schoolbag when filled is not lower than 8cm below the waistline. A backpack should never be carried on one shoulder as this could cause significant scoliosis. Girls in particular are more prone to back pain, and increases with age.

Always Choose Orthopaedic Schoolbags

Back pain is caused by the weight which causes students to bend forward to keep the schoolbag centred. The forward position compresses the spine and presses the vertebrae onto the discs between the vertebrae. As a child’s school career advances so does the workload increase, meaning more text books which has to be carried to school and from one class to another every day.

Heavy bags create serious back problems; therefore a good quality orthopaedic schoolbag should be your first choice. Orthopaedic packs help to distribute the weight evenly and provide an internal support system that eliminates added extra stress on the back. Orthopaedic designs allow children to carry the bag the proper way and the sides of the bag provide extra padding for additional support and comfort.

Schoolbags Designed for Comfort

The shoulder straps are well padded which alleviates pressure on the shoulder’s and neck. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of these innovatively designed medically approved schoolbags, the child must carry the bag on both shoulders. A child’s spine needs to grow and develop properly when they are still growing which will prevent any permanent injuries that can be caused by carrying a heavy schoolbag.

When a schoolbag is too heavy, it is a recipe for developing chronically rounded shoulders and poor posture. When children raise their heads up with a heavy pack on their shoulders, this can cause severe neck pain and pinched nerves. Choosing an orthopaedic schoolbag will not only improve a child’s posture, but it will lighten the load!

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