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Ergonomic School Bags for Children

Why TOTEM Bags are rated the Best Brand in South Africa

If you are looking for a high quality schoolbag, TOTEM bags are the best brand in SA that offers a wide range of accessories, styles, designs and backpack ranges. The design has been well researched and has been approved by the medical council that offers children great health benefits. Our innovative features allow children to carry heavy loads with ease and with no back or neck strain.

School children can now experience the best back and neck protection throughout their development years and school years. Poorly designed schoolbags cause spinal and neck injuries that cause long term damage. The difference between an ordinary schoolbag and our bags is that they are fully ergonomically and orthopedically designed.

The Special Features of TOTEM Bags

TOTEM bags have undergone extensive development and research and the special featured have been approved by medical professionals and are also recognised by CASA. The orthopaedic design comes with an internal contoured support system and for added comfort strategic areas provide additional thick padding. The bases of the schoolbags have been firmly contoured for durability and book protection. 

You won’t have to replace schoolbags for several years as they have been tried and tested and come with a guarantee. The best raw materials and production methods have been used, which is why they are named the best brand in SA. The bags come in the latest designs and are suitable not only for children but the whole family.

Over the past decades studies have revealed that heavy schoolbags are causing back and neck problems of which has called for urgent attention. A child’s backpack should not weigh more than 10 percent of their bodyweight, as this will put them at severe risk of hindering their physical development and causing spinal and other injuries.

TOTEM Bags are recommended by Medical Experts

The spinal column is made up of thirty three vertebrae, of which only 24 are able to articulate. Children carrying heavy backpacks risk neck and spinal injury or the spine will not develop properly and eventually cause a curvature which may result in irreversible damage or may require corrective surgery. Such risks can be prevented as TOTEM bags come with wide shoulder straps that fit comfortable and will not affect the child’s shoulders and neck.

The base of the bags is firm and very strong which provides adequate support without sagging. The bags provide even weight distribution and come with several compartments. These trendy schoolbags come with really cool designs and colours and are the best investment any parent will ever make for their child.

Protect Your Child’s Health and Future by Choosing TOTEM

These schoolbags will also ensure that the child retains the correct posture at all times while carrying a load of school books. The compartments will also help your child keep their things properly organised and the side pockets are ideal for their lunchbox and juice bottle. So, if you are still wondering if TOTEM is South Africa’s best brand of schoolbags, the answer is a quick and simple yes!

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