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Best Quality School Bags in South Africa | Totem Bags

5 Top Reasons to Choose Totem for the Best Quality School Bags in South Africa

Nowadays, it is easy to find the best quality school bags in South Africa! That is because at TOTEM, we have specialised in bringing the highest quality products to our customers for a long time, and over a period of time, we have earned the trust of our customers, as well as a stellar reputation. We are passionate about providing outstanding products and expert workmanship to our clients, and because our products are so well made, we believe in them. In fact, we are so confident in our products that we offer lengthy guarantees!

We have been the supplier of choice for our many customers for many reasons. These include:

  1. Ergonomic design: At the core of our school bags, laptop bags and other products are our specially developed ergonomic designs. We believe that a poor fitting bag can lead to injuries that could last a lifetime, and we always strive to develop products that provide the best form of back protection around. We constantly invest in research and development to ensure that we only provide the best quality school bags in South Africa, and our experts know how to include extra features that provide huge benefits. Our commitment to ergonomic and orthopaedic design has earned us an official recognition by CASA (Chiropractors Association of South Africa), and many medical professionals recommend our school bags.
  2. Fresh brand: Ergonomic doesn’t have to be drab! Usually, the idea of something designed with health in mind brings up the idea of great comfort, but very little visual appeal. Because we want people to want our bags, we work hard at keeping our brand fresh, hip and trendy, and in line with the latest market trends – while still incorporating our ergonomic designs!
  3. Products in many sectors: In addition to the design and manufacture of the best quality school bags in South Africa, we also design a wide range of other accessories that complement our bags. We provide a wide range of highly sought-after pencil cases, insulated water bottles, lunch boxes, wallets, purses and many others.
  4. High quality: We understand the daily wear and tear that a school bag and other related products go through, and this is why we only use the best quality materials and expert workmanship. Only the finest raw materials are used, and our production methods are at the cutting edge of modern design. Our workmanship is far above the usual standard, and we only use the best zippers, buckles, and other components in our products. This means that our products remain intact and good looking well after other products have broken or been damaged.
  5. Guarantee: Because we have so much faith in our products, we offer lengthy guarantees on all our products. This gives our customers peace of mind because they know that if the item breaks or malfunctions, we will either repair it completely or replace it with a new item. Not many other bag suppliers can say that!

If you want to buy some of the best quality school bags in South Africa, give our team at TOTEM a call today!


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