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Buy the Best Schoolbags in South Africa from TOTEM

2017 is finally here and it’s time for all the kids to get back to their studies (or start their studies for the first time). There’s no denying it; it’s an exciting time of the year for kids and parents alike. Start off the year on a good note – get back to school with TOTEM schoolbags!

If you’re looking for the best schoolbags in South Africa, you have come to the right place. There’s no doubt in our minds that you have encountered many different suppliers, especially when it comes to backpacks, satchels, and bags for school kids. Of course, no two schoolbags are made equal and that’s why it’s important to do a little research before you spend your money on just any type of schoolbag.

Something to keep in mind when shopping for schoolbags is that your child’s spine and body are still developing. What happens to your child’s spine, back, neck, and posture now, can have lifelong consequences. Think about your child lugging around a heavy schoolbag all day long. Now think about what can happen if daily strain is placed on the developing spine.

You’re looking for a schoolbag that promotes a healthy posture, protects the back from strain and has a lengthy guarantee. TOTEM offers a sophisticated range of ergonomically designed bags that are medically researched and endorsed. In short, we are a brand and company that keeps its promises.

All our schoolbags are available in designs and prints that kids and teens love and more importantly, you can expect for the bag to be durable enough to handle the lifestyle of a young student. If you are looking for a schoolbag that will truly make a difference to your child’s school life, you’ve found it.

Discover the best schoolbags in South Africa in our online range or contact us via email or telephone to find out where you can buy TOTEM schoolbags in your area.


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