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Rules to Follow When You Buy School Bags for Your Child

Choosing a school bag for your child is typically something that you have to go through every year, as not many bags last for longer than a year within the harsh school environment.  It is no surprise that bags don’t last long – they get dragged, thrown down, left out in the sun and rain, get sat on and disfigured by the heavy loads that they are required to carry.  This is why it is important to look for quality when you buy school bags for your children. 

When it comes to choosing a suitable bag, it is important to find something that not only lasts long, but is also designed to reduce the risk of injury of the shoulders and back.  These days, school learners are often forced to carry a heavy load of books from class to class, and it is vital to minimise the risk of your child developing back problems or posture problems from incorrect bags.  You have to ensure that it is as safe and comfortable for them as possible to carry their school bags, and often it is well worth paying a little extra for safety and quality when you buy them.

At TOTEM, we strive to provide high-quality bags that are ergonomically designed.  We believe that carrying a bag should not injure your child or hinder movement, and we take great care to design school bags and other bags in such a way that the risk of injury is reduced, and that allows for comfortable carrying.  There are, however, certain rules that you have to follow when you buy school bags for your children.

3 Important School Bag Rules

Choose good quality:  Considering what the school bag goes through during a school term, it is not surprising that bags of lesser quality soon perish, tear or wear down.  It is particularly common for zips to stop working, which is most frustrating if the rest of the bag is still in good condition.  When you buy school bags, carefully examine the fabric, the stitching and the zips, and ensure that these are good quality, in order to deal with the challenges of school life.

Get the correct size:  It is tempting to purchase a larger bag that will last longer, but it is crucial to get a bag that is specifically aimed at particular age groups.  Getting a small child a large bag can only end badly, and it is important that you ask about bags that are tailored to your child’s age group.  Also ensure that the bag fits snugly, and that a waist strap helps to distribute weight to the hips.

Educate your child:  It is important that your child knows how to carry the bag and what the consequences are of not following the rules.  Your child must know the following:

    1. A rucksack should never be carried over just one shoulder, and sling bags should be carried across the body.  This prevents a particular shoulder from carrying all the weight and resulting in injury or developmental problems of the skeletal structure.  A backpack should be worn comfortably between the shoulder blades and the shoulder straps should fit snugly.

    2. The bag has to be packed correctly – heavy objects, such as large books, should be carried closer to the body, while the lighter items can be carried in the front of the bag.  This prevents the body from being dragged back by a sagging bag.

There are a few other rules and insights that can be followed, and if you would like to know more about these before you buy school bags, just contact our friendly team at TOTEM today!

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