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High-Quality, Comfortable Schoolbags Are More Important than You Realise

It may seem like an easy exercise to choose a schoolbag for your child, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Often, parents are caught up in the last-minute back-to-school rush, during which school uniforms, pencil cases, schoolbags, stationery and other important items have to be purchased, and in the haste to get everything done, bad purchases are made. 

While it seems obvious that the schoolbag is the first thing to be bought, it could sometimes result in an unsuitable bag – which means that it may be too small, too big or too uncomfortable to carry. This is why it is vital that the schoolbag is chosen with precision and care. It also doesn’t have to be done as part of the last-minute rush, as there are plenty of bags available to purchase from TOTEM online, and this can be done at your leisure and you will have more information that will help you make an informed decision.

Before starting your search for a schoolbag, there are few questions you have to ask:

  1. How big should the bag be? Parents are often keen to find a bag that will last a few years and tend to choose bags that are too big, hoping that the child will grow into it. This is not a T-shirt and while the child spends time growing into it, serious injury can be done to the child’s developing body. Backache, bad posture and shoulder injuries are common with bags that are too big, and choosing a bag that is too small may mean that all the items will not be able to fit into the bag, or that the bag constricts movement and is extremely uncomfortable to carry. The best schoolbags are made by suppliers like TOTEM. We design and manufacture bags for particular age groups and sizes, and we provide all the advice and guidance to allow you to get age-appropriate, comfortable schoolbags.
  2. How long should the bag last? We all want the items we purchase for school to last forever, but, alas, this cannot be. Given the wear and tear that a schoolbag faces on a daily basis, it is very unlikely that the run-of-the-mill low standard, low-cost bags will make it through the first two terms. This is why it is better to spend a little more money on getting comfortable schoolbags that not only last long, but also look good! Schoolbags and pencil cases from TOTEM are made to take the punch and to last long despite a hard-knock life.
  3. What type of bag should it be? There are many varieties on the market that usually include shoulder bags, backpacks, knapsacks and trolley cases. All of these have their own pros and cons, and you should carefully consider which is best and follow the rules about how the bag should be carried to avoid injury. Backpacks should fit snugly, have adjustable, padded shoulder straps, and for larger loads, it is advisable to have a waistband that shifts some of the weight onto the hips and more evenly distributes it away from the shoulders. Shoulder bags should be worn across the body and not only over one shoulder. Trolley bags should be fitted with high-strength support and quality wheels that glide easily and don’t get stuck.

For more information about choosing the most suitable and comfortable schoolbags for your children, give our team at TOTEM a call today!

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