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Select from a Range of Comfortable Schoolbags and Protect Your Child’s Health

Do not be that parent – the one that overlooks the importance of comfortable schoolbags and jeopardises your child’s health. In today’s economic climate, it is understandable that you might be looking for ways to save, but even when shopping for more affordable schoolbags, it remains important to take comfort into consideration. Your child could find that their schoolbag is uncomfortable to wear, does not fit them properly or it may just be of a poor design.

It is important to consider your child’s health at school. Buying a comfortable bag is not just about ensuring that your child can get through the day with a smile, but also about ensuring correct and healthy spinal development and posture. Poor posture is the number one result of an uncomfortable, poorly designed school bag – and nobody wants to risk their child’s health.

We feature an extensive range of schoolbags that are not just comfortable, but also ergonomically designed and endorsed by a variety of leading medical professionals. Our bags are designed to provide the correct support for the back and shoulders and to evenly distribute the weight to avoid strain of any kind. The fabrics used are of a high quality and are durable and washable too. You will not experience the irritation of fraying or tearing straps, or fading and shabby materials. When you invest in the right schoolbag, you will not have to replace it soon, which means that you can save on the ongoing repair and replacement costs that are associated with cheaper brands of inferior design and quality.

We put the health and comfort of your child first. We offer the trendy, attractive designs for all ages, which makes our bags a number one choice amongst children and teens in South Africa. If you would like to discover our range or find out where you can buy your child’s next comfortable schoolbag, contact us via email or telephone at TOTEM today.

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