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Cool Ergonomic School Bags

Cool Ergonomic School Bags

Numerous studies undertaken worldwide have confirmed that back problems caused by heavy school bags are becoming increasingly worrisome for parents and doctors alike. Back problems such as the curvature of the spine can be caused by kids backpacks that are overloaded with too many items as well as backpacks that are not worn properly by the children themselves. No parent wants to hear that their child risks severe orthopaedic problems that may hinder their physical development as well as their livelihood as adults.

The spine or vertebral column is made up of 33 vertebrae, 24 of which that are able to move or articulate - these are most at risk of not developing properly when kids backpacks are too heavy. Continual stress placed on the spine or if the spine is forced into an unnatural angle, it may have to be corrected by surgery or may cause irreversible spinal damage.

According to various orthopaedic surgeons, kids backpacks should not weigh more than 10% of their bodyweight, but often they weigh far more than that and parents are unsure how they can help. The first thing one can do to prevent back problems caused by heavy school bags is to look at the backpack itself. Are the shoulder straps wide to prevent them from digging into your child's shoulders and neck? Are the straps padded? Is the backpack itself padded where it touches the back? Is the base of the backpack firm and strong to prevent sagging? Are there a number of compartments in the backpack for even weight distribution?

If your answer is no - you should consider investing in an ergonomic school bag that has specifically been designed to fit your kids body properly and distribute the weight of the bag evenly on your child's back. Fortunately there are a number of cool school bags that have been endorsed by chiropractors with funky designs and colours that are not only attractive for kids but good for their bodies too.

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