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Get Your Child One of These Cool Pencil Cases Today!

Have you ever heard the saying “too cool for school”? Well, at TOTEM, we believe that there is no such thing. We believe in products that are cool enough for school. And we all know that this is all that counts! School can be a challenging place for the average child and teen. Being cool is of the utmost importance and we get it. We want to be cool too! We have made a good start with our extensive range of cool pencil cases and to be honest, we are just beginning.

You might not think it is important, but everything that your child takes to school can contribute to or detract from their cool factor. Who would have thought! You can surely remember your schooldays… Buying a trendy pencil case that is of good quality and stocking it with cool stationery is a small price to pay for your child’s classroom bragging rights. Couple this with a fashionable schoolbag and you are well on your way to getting your child looking forward to a day at school with their friends. They will certainly appreciate your efforts to help them pull off “cool”.

You might be wondering what makes our pencil cases so cool. For starters, every child and teen want one, so we must be on to something. That is fair enough, but it is not the only reason why they are so cool. Let us take a look at the features of these pencil cases.

While we have many designs and styles to choose from, one thing is standard in all of our pencil cases and that is durability. Only the best quality materials are used in their manufacture and for the sake of convenience, they are easy to clean too. Cool does not have to mean compromised. The compartments are spacious enough to stash all your pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and markers – and even a few extra stationery items. The zips are durable, which means you will not have to worry about a broken or warped zip prematurely, if ever. Most of our pencil cases stand upright by themselves and to avoid damage to the contents when dropped, the whole case is padded too.

When you take the time to browse through our range you will find bright colours, beautiful patterns and prints, funky stitching and designs, and so much more to choose from. There is something for everyone, from school starters to teens in high school, and both for boys and girls. We have thought of it all and we cannot wait for you to discover our range.

Now, you can buy a cool pencil case online, along with a variety of other products and accessories, from TOTEM. Or, you can spend some time browsing the shelves at a stockist in your area. Our products are found at selected stationery and school wear stores, as well as Makro, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, National Office, Waltons, Kloppers, and PNA. If you need product advice and guidance, you can also feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

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