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Four Great Meal Ideas to Pack in Your Corporate Lunch Bags for Ladies

Everybody seems to be on the run these days, and if you are a corporate worker, you may find that finding a healthy, affordable lunch can be problematic. As a result, the trend for packing lunches at home for the office has increased. Nowadays we are no longer limited to plastic containers and Tupperware to keep our food fresh for the office, and many companies now design highly functional and stylish corporate lunch bags for ladies that would fit into any office environment. Apparently, contemporary foodies are not inclined to pack dull sandwiches into their stylish bags, and it seems that a whole new menu for healthy lunch bag food is called for! Here are some ideas on how to prepare healthy, tasty food to pack into your corporate lunch bag for ladies:

  1. Salad: A good salad is the ideal health lunch, but they become soggy and wilted. Use a lunch container that is tall, and make the salad by placing everything of high moisture content at the bottom (tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, watermelon) at the bottom. Then layer the salad according to moisture content and add the crisper vegetables and fruits such as peppers and carrots, and layer the lettuce on the top. Add protein on top of the salad (feta cheese, chicken, hard-boiled egg). Do not dress the salad – it will make it soggy. Instead, take a small container of salad dressing separately, or store the dressing at work. This way you will always have a fresh, healthy, crisp salad for lunch.
  2. Rice or grain dishes: These are rich in fibre, and make an excellent base for any lunchtime dish, as just about anything can be added to them. Ideally, the rice or grain bowl should contain a protein and a vegetable or fruit as well. When you prepare these dishes, cook a large batch of all three components, and mix them in different combinations across a few bowls. Grilled chicken breasts, seared steak, pork or bacon pieces, hard-boiled eggs, salmon, tuna, cheese, or tofu are all great protein suggestions. For better variety, roast some of your vegetables and include pieces of pumpkin, butternut, peppers, onions and mushrooms. Your grain of the week can consist of brown rice, quinoa, barley or pasta, which all form an excellent and tasty base for a rice bowl. Store these in the fridge and grab it on the go in the morning.
  3. Simple smoothies: While most people enjoy a smoothie, it can be difficult to keep them fresh if prepared ahead of time. A good tip is to prepare smoothies by liquefying different components of your favourite smoothies (pineapple, strawberries, mango, bananas) and freezing these in muffin tins. This way you can pack the pieces of frozen smoothies in your smoothie shaker, and when your morning slump hits, all you have to do is to shake your smoothie shaker to blend the different components for a delicious, cool, fresh smoothie!
  4. Sandwich tricks: If you love a good sandwich but hate it when it when the bread becomes soggy, you have to prepare your sandwich strategically. Butter the bread and place crisp salad leaves and your protein (chicken, ham, bacon) between the slices. Then separately pack tomatoes, cucumber or other high-moisture vegetables or sauces (mayonnaise, dressing), take them separately, and add them into the sandwich at lunchtime. The salad will keep your bread fresh, and it will not be soggy.

Now that you have some great work lunch ideas, you can go ahead and order your stylish corporate lunch bags for ladies from TOTEM! Give our team a call to find out more about our wide variety of products.

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