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Do You Need Schoolbags for Your Kids at Crawford Preparatory School?

Schoolbags have hard lives. They get kicked around, they sit in the sun and the rain, they carry heavy loads, and they are sometimes even sat on or left around on playgrounds. Their hard lives mean that they often don’t have a long lifespan, and if you don’t want to keep replacing your children’s schoolbags on a regular basis, you simply have to invest in high-quality schoolbags that last long and can be carried with comfort. At TOTEM, we have created special schoolbags especially for Crawford Preparatory School, and these are known for high quality and durability. There are many more reasons why parents choose to invest in these custom branded schoolbags instead of other makes and models.

Our Crawford Schoolbags Are Ergonomically Designed

Ergonomic design means that the interaction of the person with the object has been taken into consideration during the design process. This means that the design is done in a way that prevents injury to the person engaging with the item over a long period of time. Comfort is not often one of the qualities associated with a schoolbag, but it is vitally important for your child’s health. Our bags are designed not only with the safety of your child in mind, but also with their comfort in mind! We understand that a schoolbag shares a significant part of the day with your child, and that ill-fitting bags can cause problems such as bad posture, muscle injuries, or damage to the shoulders and joints. Our schoolbags are therefore also designed with certain age groups in mind, thus ensuring that your child gets a bag that is suitable to their age and their size. Our bags are also designed with comfort in mind, with extra padding around the shoulders, supports in the back section, and waist straps to distribute the weight of the bag more effectively around the body.

Our Crawford Schoolbags Are Durable

Because we are aware of how hard the life of a schoolbag can be, we design our bags very carefully and only use top-quality fabrics, accessories and materials. Our bags are strong and long lasting, and excellent workmanship ensures that the seams remain intact, that zippers don’t break, and that padding remains soft and comfortable over long periods of time. Our fabrics are water resistant yet washable, and we are so confident in the quality of our products that we provide a guarantee with every sale. If one of our bags breaks or needs repairs within a specified period of time, we will either do the repairs or exchange the bag for free.

Our Crawford Schoolbags Are Trendy and Good Looking

We go to great lengths to ensure that our bags can be used with comfort, and our innovative designers remain on trend all the time. This modern design in the Crawford Preparatory School green colour is highly functional and great to look at. We have two types of Crawford schoolbags and they are beautifully branded with the school logo.

For more information about our Crawford schoolbags, please give our team at TOTEM a call today!

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