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Cute Schoolbags That are Safe to Carry and Highly Functional

When people are in the process of looking for a schoolbag for their children, it is often easy to fall into the trap of allowing the children choose cute schoolbags that they really love instead of schoolbags that are functional and fit for their purpose. Often the cuter bags are the cheaper ones, and they may have a bad design that could affect the physical development of your child. However, you do not have to compromise anymore! If you choose your schoolbags from TOTEM, you will have a whole range of extremely cute schoolbags to choose from that are ergonomically designed to make them easy to carry. They are specifically made for certain age groups, and they will last longer than most other bags.

Three Reasons to Choose Schoolbags from TOTEM:

  1. Our bags are all ergonomically designed: This means that our trained designers take into consideration how the body of the child will interact with the bag and vice versa. We know that the child has to carry the bag – often for long distances and for extended periods – and we design the bag in a way that makes carrying it easy and lowers the risk of injury to the back or shoulders. Supports are built in to the bag in certain places to allow it to fit better, shoulder straps are angled and padded in order to prevent injury to the shoulder, and some bags even feature hip straps or waist straps that help to distribute the weight of the contents across both the hips and shoulders, removing a lot of the weight, and subsequently, stress, from the shoulders. This means that your child is much less likely to adopt a bad posture or to be injured when carrying our schoolbags.

  3. Our bags are durable: We know that a schoolbag has a tough life. It frequently gets left outside at the mercy of elements, is kicked and sat on, opened and closed umpteen times a day, and thrown about numerous times during the busy school day. This means that they experience a lot of wear and tear. Because our bags are made of only the best quality and most hardy fabrics and accessories such as zips and fasteners that have proven to be durable and effective in a tough environment, our bags will last much longer than most other cute schoolbags on the market. We are so confident in our schoolbags and other products that we will even offer to fix or replace them for free if they fail or break during the first six months.

  4. Our designs are contemporary: Do not confuse orthopaedic design with a drab appearance! Our range of cute schoolbags is beautiful enough to thrill even the fussiest child or teenager, and you can rest assured that you (or they) will find something they love in our wide range of schoolbags and accessories.

For more information about schoolbags and how to choose the ideal bag for your child, give our team at TOTEM a call today.

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