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Durable Schoolbags

What to Look for When Choosing Durable Schoolbags for Your Child

All school kids need durable schoolbags. The amount of wear and tear inflicted on a schoolbag on a daily basis cannot be underestimated – constantly being opened and closed, lifted and put down, pulled across the yard or thrown into the car – a normal schoolbag has a hard life! In addition to this, schoolbags are normally quite pricey, and if you don’t want to replace your school bags every term, you simply have to invest in durable schoolbags that can take the punch!

While durability is certainly one of the most important factors, it is also vital that the bag is well designed and ergonomic. Nowadays, kids carry heavy loads, sometimes for long periods of time, especially if they walk home. This is why it is essential to choose a bag that is ergonomically designed and not likely to cause injury. Getting a bag that is too big is also a mistake, as it could result in shoulder, back and hip injuries. Choose a bag that is the correct size for your child and offers proper support for the body. Shoulder straps should be padded, and a waist strap helps to shift the weight of the bag from the back and shoulders to the hips, making carrying heavy loads a lot safer.

When it comes to design and construction, it is important that the bag contains compartments to accommodate various items and to help arrange the objects in the bag in a way that makes them easy to find. Ideally, heavy objects should go in the rear of the bag – close to the back, and the lighter objects should be put in the front of the bag. This helps to distribute the weight better and prevents the shoulders from being pulled back by the weight of the bag.

To find truly durable schoolbags, you also have to look at the materials used and the quality of the workmanship. Inspect stitching on the inside and the outside of the bag – it should be sturdy and strong. Zippers and other fasteners also have to be of quality to cope with general everyday wear and tear.

If you are looking for durable schoolbags for your child, give our team at TOTEM a call today!

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