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Ergonomic School Bags for Children

Children’s Growth and Ergonomic Backpacks

The days of slugging around bags filled with books on one shoulder are over, and the rise of ergonomic backpacks is now in place. The world has changed drastically in the last few decades and even though there was a time in which it was acceptable to let kids and teens hunch over with a sack of stationery and learning materials on their backs, these days not only is it unnecessary, but it has been recognised as detrimental to young people’s growth.

The word ergonomic is one often used in workplaces and denotes a method of construction that supports the lumbar structure of the human body. From desk chairs to mouse pads, ergonomics are everywhere and they have been proven to reduce incidences of arthritis and rheumatism, correct improper posture and even reduce pain.

Always Keep the Children in Mind

While this is something that no office should be without, as is often the case, children have been forgotten, until now that is. Due to the constantly changing nature of children’s bodies, and this includes teens, there is a real and present need for ergonomic backpacks that will ensure the skeletons and muscles of children are growing correctly.

The need to carry heavy books in a shoulder bag has done some pretty significant damage to many children. Usually carrying on one shoulder only, children are starting to weaken in muscle strength on one side of their bodies, usually the left, and the shape of their spines is changing. This is simply not acceptable.

Consider the sheer weight of the backpacks that kids have to carry. These create an imbalance and will force kids to hunch forward to support the weight. Not only does this put strain on the muscles of the back, but it forces kids to walk at a strange angle, disrupting the growth of the spine.

So what is Ergonomics Exactly?

Well, now that you understand the problems, it may put your mind at rest somewhat to know that there is a way to help kids. Ergonomic backpacks are built to ensure an even distribution of weight on growing spines, and this means there is less strain, less pulling on the shoulders and even less stress on the lower back. Using an ergonomic backpack ensures that any child, whether six or sixteen, can still stand up straight and move freely no matter how much homework they are walking home with.

This is great news for parents and ensures that rather than spending time and money on chiropractors and physiotherapists, the backpack will do most of the work. These backpacks do however have to be replaced every few years, but considering the costs of replacing a cheaper backpack twice a year, or paying for kids to see specialists, this is a mere drop in the bucket.

When the next school year gets underway, take a look at your child’s posture and consider the benefits they could be missing out on by not having ergonomic backpacks to support their weight, ensure they grow correctly and pain-free, and take the load off.

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