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Look the Part with a Fashion Backpack From TOTEM

Why carry a boring backpack, when you can sport the latest fashion backpack complete with all the bells and whistles? Whether you are shopping for a lunch bag for yourself, or a backpack for your child to use at school, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be just as fashionable as your favourite outfits and accessories. In fact, once you invest in a TOTEM bag, it probably will become your favourite fashion accessory. At TOTEM, we are a team that is dedicated to style and functionality. We don’t simply manufacture bags – we manufacture and sell bags that are fashionable, functional and comfortable.

Backpacks are typically designed to carry items comfortably on one’s back by means of shoulder straps. These straps must distribute the weight correctly on the back and shoulders, and minimise any strain and stress that might be placed on the body. At TOTEM, our bags are designed to do just that, and to do so while looking absolutely great too.

You will find that our range of fashion backpacks come in various colours, styles and designs. The materials and fabrics used are highly durable, and also easy to clean. The zippers are of the highest quality, and so are all the other components included in the bags’ main design. Inside our backpacks, you will find storage compartments and pockets that make it possible for any user to be organised throughout the day.

TOTEM backpacks can be found at various outlets across the country, including at Shoprite, Kloppers, Bidvest Waltons, PNA, Pick n Pay, Makro, Office National, and various school wear and stationery supply stores. If you would like to order online or chat to one of our friendly consultants about any of our fashionable backpacks and bags, simply contact us via email or telephone at TOTEM today.

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