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Where to Find School Bags That Are Ergonomically Designed

School bags have hard lives – the daily grind, being picked up, put down, sitting around in the sun or the dust, carrying heavy loads and getting daily knocks and scrapes mean that they often don’t last very long. This means endless frustration for parents who sometimes have to replace school bags halfway through the year or even at the end of every term. When the children choose their bags, their choice of bag is usually inspired by current trends and edgy design, while parents are usually more fixed on the price tag. Both these decisions may lead to the purchase of a bag that is not only badly made, but can cause injury to the child. School children tend to carry heavy loads for most of the day, and if the bag is not properly designed to suit the body, posture can be affected and injury can be sustained – and some of these may last a lifetime! This is why you need to know where to find school bags that are designed with ergonomics in mind.

What is Ergonomic Design?

The practice of ergonomic design takes the interaction between the human and the product that is being designed into consideration. Professional ergonomic designers use particular theories, data, techniques and methodologies to create designs that are able to optimise the wellbeing of the human, while also increasing the performance (of both the human and the object). Examples of ergonomic design can be found anywhere and is particularly common in offices where people spend a large portion of the day working.

This has led to the ergonomic design of keyboards, chairs, desks, office layouts and many other things that are specifically created to avoid human injury and increase performance of the product. At TOTEM, we place great focus on ergonomic and orthopaedic design, in order to create school bags that work well with the body. The ergonomic design of our bags means that we have developed an outstanding product range that is specifically tailored to the age and size of the child during formative years. Our school bags help to avoid distortion of the posture and injuries to the back, shoulders and hips.

If you don’t know where to find school bags that are ergonomically designed – come to TOTEM. We have a long list of happy clients all over the country, and we are currently expanding our operations to include international clients. We are committed to outstanding design that includes ergonomic and orthopaedic principles, and as a result, we have achieved recognition by the Chiropractors Association of South Africa (CASA). We only source the highest quality raw materials, only use the best quality accessories and fabrics, and the quality of our workmanship is virtually unrivalled. This is why we are able to provide guarantees on our products for lengthy periods of time, and we will either repair or replace a product that has malfunctioned. Our customers trust in our reputation and our products speak for themselves.

If you want to know where to find school bags that are durable, comfortable, well-designed, well-made and attractive, give our team at TOTEM a call today!

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