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Good Quality Kids Backpacks

High-Quality School Bags

Reasons to Choose High-Quality School Bags for your Child

Going out on the annual stationery shopping spree is difficult enough, but when this is combined with a school bag shopping spree, it can turn into a nightmare.  Because there are so many different styles, trends, designs and colours, parents and children seldom agree completely on what the most suitable option should be. 

Children, and teenagers in particular, can be very susceptible to following new trends, and they are more likely to opt for a bag that looks cool, rather than for high-quality school bags.  Parents know that choosing trendy does not mean choosing best, and it is vital that good choices are made when it comes to getting the right school bags for your kids, in order to reduce the risk of back or shoulder injuries and posture problems.  It is therefore essential that only ergonomically designed, high-quality school bags are considered. 

When choosing a bag, look for this:

  • If you want the bag to last for longer than the term, it is vital to choose one that is hard wearing and durable.  School bags tend to live in a volatile environment – they get dragged, kicked, sat on, thrown down and left in the rain, and the constant motion of lifting and putting down result in a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis.  Take time to conduct a thorough inspection of the bag – check that the fabric that the bag is made of is durable and tough, yet light. 
  • It is also vital to look at how the bag is constructed, and it must be able to accommodate all the books, stationery and other items that form part of school life.  There must be compartments within the bag to separate items and to keep the bag tidy inside, and the compartments should be securely fastened to the bag.  Also check the seams and the stitching, and ensure that this is strong and solid.  Zips can be particularly problematic, as they suffer a lot of wear and tear, and it is important that these are robust and long-wearing.
  • The design of the bag can have an effect on how it is carried, so choose well.  High-quality school bags are usually designed with ergonomics in mind, which means that they will be made to fit a particular age range or body type.  Ask about the most suitable options for your child, and try to end up with one that is specifically designed for the child’s age and body.  Don’t be tempted to get one that is too big – rather spend money on another bag when the child grows, than risk injury to the child.
  • Older kids tend to have more and heavier books to carry as they move further along in school.  Here it is prudent to choose backpacks that have padded shoulder straps and a waist strap that will help to redistribute some of the weight to the hips and legs.  Ensure that the child knows how to carry the bag and fit the straps properly, and discourage them from wearing the bag across one shoulder only.

How TOTEM Can Help

At TOTEM, we design and manufacture high-quality school bags, pencil cases and laptop bags.  We place emphasis on quality, and our durable fabrics, stolid stitching and ergonomic design ensure that our bags last long and that they look good.  Contact us today to find out more about our range of trendy designs and long-lasting fabrics!

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