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Insulated Water Bottles

Keeping Children Hydrated by Using Insulated Water Bottles

Children are more susceptible to dehydration and are less heat tolerant than adults, especially when they are physically active in hot climates. Parents need to encourage their children to drink fluids throughout the day from a young age in order to maintain proper hydration and the best way to encourage children to drink fluids is by using innovated insulated water bottles.

The amount of fluid required depends on the child’s daily physical activities, the weather and the age of the child, but generally they should drink around six glasses of fluid per day. Water as well as milk and drinks that are sugar free are good choices and will keep your child hydrated without adding extra energy or risking damage to their teeth.

There are also healthy foods that have high water content, such as fruit, and one should always pack a water bottle in the child’s schoolbag when they go to school or are participating in activities or outings. Studies have shown that keeping your child hydrated throughout the day helps them to stay focused.

Insulated Water Bottles versus Plastic Water Bottles

There are several different types of water bottles available on the market, of which all are not equal. Choosing a water bottle that will best suit your child’s needs can be difficult as the cheaper bottles usually contain harsh toxins such as BPA and other chemicals. When choosing a water bottle make sure the bottle is free from harmful toxins. Also make sure that the bottle is a practical, durable reusable water bottle that will last and can be recycled.

Studies have revealed that polycarbonate plastic gradually leaches a chemical known as bisphenol-A into liquids and foods that are stored in bottles and containers made from this material. Any plastic water bottle that has an epoxy resin contains measurable amounts of BPA and when scratched, worn out or left in the sun becomes a serious health hazard. Insulated water bottles are the better option as they will not leak toxic chemicals even after being washed hundreds of times.

The Benefits for Schoolchildren

Water bottles are a must have for schoolchildren and are great for school lunches and sports, and depending on the use and weather, they keep liquids cold or hot. Insulated choices are the most popular as they are stylish and made from durable non-toxic plastic. The bottles have a wide enough mouth which allows one to add ice cubes or even chunky soups which will remain cold or hot for up to five hours.

The bottles have gone through stringent testing and are free from lead, phthalates, PVC and BPA. In addition the bottles are insulated, dishwasher safe, have a leak proof bottle cap and are lightweight. These bottles are a sustainable alternative to disposable bottles and come with a durable insulated padded fabric cover that has a front zipper for easy access when attached to the body.

In contrast to store bought bottled water, using insulated water bottles will save you lots of money and will save the planet from additional fossil fuels and energy consumption. These water bottles are easy to use, durable, affordable and attractive.

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