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Types of Kids Backpacks from Kindergarten to University

Types of Kids Backpacks from Kindergarten to University

As your kids grow and advance in their school career from kindergarten to university, the needs of your kids' backpacks will change too. Young kids starting their schooling will not need more than a modest sized kindergarten bag for pre-school that is big enough for a change of clothing, a lunch box and a juice bottle. These kids' backpacks must be easy to wash and durable enough to handle sticky fingers and some rough and tumble.

When children progress to primary school you will have to purchase a quality school bag that will last a few years. Often, it also depends on the rules of the school as some schools only allow their students to use the schools branded backpack or insist that the kids backpacks are of a certain colour or style. A good quality orthopaedic school bag that conforms to the schools regulations is certainly worth investing in. Many primary schools do not offer locker facilities; therefore the kids' backpacks should be able to contain a fair amount of books, stationery, lunch and a jersey. School backpacks with different compartments are therefore ideal for a primary school student.

High school students need backpacks that are large enough to carry a large amount of text books and school books. Trolley school bags are useful for high school kids, as they can easily transport all their books and stationery to school without you having to worry about them developing back problems caused from heavy school bags. Trolley school bags are especially useful if they do not have lockers at school. If your kids are allowed to rent a locker on the school premises a smaller backpack may be more suitable.

University students will generally use backpacks that are much smaller than younger children. They may only need to take a few books and stationery items to class each day and most university students would prefer a sling bag that they can fit their laptop and a few books into. Students may prefer to carry large files and textbooks in their hands rather than try and fit them into a backpack.

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