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Ladies’ Lunch Bags From TOTEM | TOTEM Bags

Spruce Up Your Office Look with Ladies’ Lunch Bags From TOTEM

If you’re prone to long days at the office, or even if you are on the road for a large portion of your day, it’s convenient to carry your lunchtime snacks and refreshments with you. The problem is that if you are working in a corporate environment, no one really wants to walk into work or drive around with an outdated, plastic container carrying their lunch.

While it might seem tempting to snatch an old container out of the cupboard, and quickly stash your sandwiches and juice as you rush out the door each morning, that carefree feeling is bound to leave you self-conscious under the watchful eye of your colleagues and customers as you enter the office. At Totem Bags, we have a range of ladies’ lunch bags that is designed to add a stylish element to the look of any corporate employee. Our lunch bags are functional and stylish – the perfect combination.

We have four styles of lunch bags for the modern lady to choose from, and these range in colour, from shades of pink to greys and blues. The design of our lunch bags is very similar to a handbag, which means that it’s the perfect double-up. If you’re travelling light for the day, you can stash your cellphone and purse inside, and no one would even know that your oh-so-stylish bag is actually a lunch bag. Each bag has two sturdy and durable carry handles. The entire bag is insulated for the sake of your lunch. No one likes to eat a soggy sandwich or drink a lukewarm bottle of juice, and thanks to the insulation provided, you won’t have to. Everything inside the bag will kept fresh and cool.

Don’t mistakenly think that you will have to limit your snacking due to the size of our lunch bag. You will find that our bags offer a spacious interior with a small pocket for you to keep other items separate from your lunch items. The fabric used is durable, easy to clean, and designed to last. After all, you want a lunch bag that lasts throughout the years, not one that you need to keep replacing.

Our ladies’ lunch bags are stocked in all nine provinces in South Africa, and are bound to make you look and feel every bit as smart as you are. For more information on our range, simply contact us via email or telephone at TOTEM today.

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