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Do Lunch at Work Differently with Our Ladies’ Lunch Bags at TOTEM

Are you longing to make a stylish and understated entrance at the office, but find it hard to do so while juggling the old beaten-up lunchbox in a plastic bag, your cellphone, handbag, and all the various other accessories you need for the day? Do not worry, because we know how tough it can be to look sassy without having to forego your tasty snacks and treats that get you through the day.

Now, we are going to tell you to toss that old lunch box and plastic bag away, but we are not going to leave you emptyhanded. Just because you have to take a packed lunch to work, it does not mean that you have to do so in a way that is bereft of all elegance. Lunch should be an event and if you are tired of taking your kids’ lunchboxes or plastic bags to work with you, we do not blame you. In fact, we want to help you! Our range of ladies’ lunch bags is designed to help you glam up lunchtime, especially if you are a fashion-conscious woman who does not want to compromise on functionality and convenience. That is the advantage of our lunch bags; they look great and they offer absolute functionality at the same time. Once you have used one, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

There is a lot that you need to know about our ladies’ lunch bags. One of the first things is that they are fully insulated to ensure that your lunch stays cool or warm, regardless of the ambient temperature in the office. It is the type of high-quality lunch bag you would not expect to find on the South African market and yet, here it is and you are welcome. If you are packing for a few people, do not worry, because there is plenty of room.

It is also built to last, as we know that you have a busy day, so our bags can take a beating. And do not worry, it can also serve as a part-handbag with its conveniently placed knick-knack pocket. Of course, this is a bag, not a lunchbox, so if you are attached to your old lunchbox, you can still use it. Simply conceal and carry it in your new stylish lunch bag, along with any other treats that tickle your fancy. It goes without saying that our lunch bags are the perfect companion for the working lady, but if you have high school kids, it is great for them too. Trust us, they will simply love the stylish, fashion-forward appeal.

Finally, the classiest range of handbags is finally here and we call them Emma, Charlie, Zoe, and Viki. That is four styles to choose from, each in their own colour. We welcome you to browse through our online catalogue to find out more about each of these ladies’ lunch bags.
If you would like to change the way you do lunch at work, take the time to learn more about our ladies’ lunch bags. Simply contact us via email or telephone for more information and advice on getting one for yourself today.


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