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Lunch Bags for Work – This is One for the Ladies

If you are spending many hours in the office each day, chances are that you could save a great deal of money by taking a packed lunch instead of buying take-out food. However, snacks and lunchtime treats tend to get all warm and unpleasant if kept in a normal day bag and it can be somewhat embarrassing to walk into the office with a shabby lunchbox each day. If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated way to get those snacks to work each day, it is time to start looking at our range of lunch bags for work.

The TOTEM range of work lunch bags is designed for the modern corporate or professional lady. In fact, once you discover our various styles, colours, and designs, you might even feel tempted to trade in your handbag for one of our lunch bags! This one is truly for the ladies. It has been designed for the modern woman who wants to ditch that old sandwich packet or lunchbox and enter the workplace with nothing – not even her lunchbox – detracting from her classy appearance.

What is great about our lunch bags is that they are fully insulated and manufactured from a high-quality fabric. This means that a lack of space in the work refrigerator presents no problem at all for your juice and perishables. They should keep refreshingly cool in the insulated confines of your new lunch bag.

Now let us talk about size. When you think of a ladies’ lunch bag, you are probably worried that you will not be able to fit in your lunch and snacks that get you through the day. This bag is perfectly designed, even for those long afternoons snacking at your desk. We know how work can take up your time, so we have made this bag spacious enough space for all your food and snacks! In terms of size, the bag measures 20 × 16 × 25 cm and weighs just 370 g, so it is particularly easy to tote around. If you want to carry a few extra items with you, there is an additional, conveniently located storage pocket on the side as well.

If you have been looking for a ladies’ lunch bag for work that is built to last and looking stylish with it, you have found it right here at TOTEM. You will find our bags stocked at a variety of stores in your area, so to locate a store or to learn more about our extensive range, contact us via email or telephone today.

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