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Ergonomic School Bags for Children

Orthopaedic Schoolbags

The Importance of Getting Orthopaedic Schoolbags for Your Children

Children carry their bags for long periods of time on a daily basis, and often these bags are quite heavy. Because these kids’ bodies are still growing and developing, carrying these heavy weights in a bag that is not designed or fitted correctly can cause long-term damage to muscles, the spine and shoulders. The posture is often affected and may bring with it problems that last a lifetime because the skeletal muscles aren’t properly supported, resulting in chronic pain later in life.

This is why we provide orthopaedic schoolbags that are ergonomically designed with the child’s growing body in mind. As the kids get older and they advance throughout their grades, the amount of books also increases and adds to the load that the child has to carry on a daily basis. The orthopaedic schoolbags designed by us are designed to add better distribution of weight and encourage a more even distribution of stress throughout the body. Internal supports are built in, in order to encourage the child to carry the bag in the correct way and thereby reducing the stress of the weight on the shoulders and the back.

Because these orthopaedic schoolbags are also ergonomically designed, they are specifically made to work with particular body types and ages. Ergonomic design takes the interaction between the schoolbag and the person that carries it into consideration, so the design is done with posture, health and safety in mind. In order to prevent damage and injury in the short, medium or long term, it is therefore essential that you only purchase schoolbags with ergonomic and orthopaedic designs.

Choosing a Schoolbag

First of all, choose orthopaedic schoolbags that are specifically designed for the age of your child. Think of the bag as one would think of a car seat – there is no point in trying to save money by purchasing one that is too big in the hope that it will serve its purpose for longer! The main purpose of the schoolbag is to provide a safe means of carrying books and other school-related things around, so it has to be fitted to the specific needs of the child at that particular age. The good news is that our orthopaedic schoolbags are only made from the best fabrics, and the workmanship and any accessories such as zips and buckles are top class, which means that the bag will last – so you can pass it on to another child when the time comes.

As much as possible, you have to encourage your children to carry the bag in the correct fashion. Backpacks should not be slung over one shoulder and where required, the waist strap should be fastened in order to provide better weight distribution and lighten the stress on the shoulders and back. Also discourage children from overloading the bag, and show them how to pack the bag in the correct fashion. The heavy items, such as books, should go against the back, while the lighter items should go in the front.

If you are looking for orthopaedic schoolbags for your children, contact our team at TOTEM today!

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