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Buying the Right Pencil Cases for Boys

Finding pencil cases for boys is made a simple task with the extensive range of options available at TOTEM. How do we do it? We know what growing boys like, and that is a pencil case that looks cool and makes it easy to store and organise stationery. It is all about cool simplicity for the boys. Boys do not like the frills and furbelows that girls do and you would do well to browse through our range, which features trendy colours, patterns, designs, and prints specifically aimed at boys.

For football lovers, we suggest our Triple Deluxe range, which features football striker designs. These particular pencil cases are fully lined and padded. They also have three detachable compartments that are zipped together. You do not have to be worried about your child losing his pencil case, because it is equipped with a handy clip to attach it to his schoolbag.
Our Double Teen pencil case offers fashionable hip-hop themes that boys seem to love. This pencil case features a sturdy construction and dual compartments. It is made from highly durable fabric and it is designed to stand by itself.

Our Long Tom pencil case range has some very trendy boys’ skater designs. Featuring oh-so-cool designs and graphics, this pencil case range is sure to be one of your child’s favourite options. It is spacious, so it will house absolutely everything a boy needs – even a ruler – which is convenient indeed, and just the type of fuss-free accessory your son is sure to be looking for.

If you are shopping for pencil cases for boys, there are few things you should look out for. Remember that these pencil cases are going to need to keep up with your child all day long. Here are a few characteristics of a great boy’s pencil case:

  • Sporty or active graphics and colours.
  • Strong zippers.
  • Padding in the interior to protect stationery from the daily school rush.
  • Durable and long-wearing fabrics.
  • Washable fabric that does not fade easily.
  • Water-resistant design that can be quickly and easily wiped down if it gets wet.
  • Strong and durable stitching, to survive the rigours of schoolboy life.
  • Spacious storage compartment, so that all stationery can be carried together.

We know that the struggle to find just the right pencil case for boys is real. We guarantee that our range will interest your child. After all, we have designed these cases just the way boys want them. You can buy pencil cases from a variety of stores in your area including Kloppers, Pick n Pay, Expert, Waltons, Makro, PNA, Office National, Shoprite, and various other stationers and school wear stores.

If you think our pencil cases are the cat’s whiskers, we also suggest that you consider our range of schoolbags, lunch bags, and various other accessories. Our products are promoted and approved by many medical professionals and schools too.

For more information and advice on where to buy our products or to by pencil cases for boys online, contact us via email or telephone at TOTEM today.

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