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Why You Should Get Your Pencil Cases Online from TOTEM

When the back-to-school time finally comes and everybody starts scrambling to get their stationery lists filled before the term starts, it gets a bit hectic and things are often done in a last-minute flurry of shopping, during which a number of things are bought in haste. This means that often unsuitable or low-quality items are bought. People tend to forget that it is very easy to purchase items such as school bags and pencil cases from reputable suppliers such as TOTEM.

The importance of pencil cases for school, college or university is often overlooked, yet it is a crucial item that will ensure that all the relevant pieces of stationery are kept in one place, that it is easily accessible in a large school bag or shoulder bag, and that the items inside are kept in good condition.  Stationery usually comes pre-packaged and we may be tempted to leave it inside this packaging, as it looks orderly and new, but this type of packaging is definitely not made to withstand the knocks of everyday life inside a schoolbag, and it is very likely to break or tear within a short period of time, tossing all the pencils or pens all over the place inside the school bag. This is why it is imperative that a pencil case is used to store and contain stationery.

When choosing pencil cases, the kids (and especially teenagers) want the newest, latest and trendiest designs, and the practical aspects may fall by the wayside. This means that a low-quality product can be purchased that doesn’t last long, or that the pencil case is not big enough to store all the stationery that is needed. A good tip is to purchase all the required stationery first, in order to get an idea of how much should be contained in the pencil case, and then to make a more informed decision about the size and type of pencil case required. Usually, one pencil case will do, but people who study art or do geometry will often need different pencil cases for the different types of pencils and drawing instruments.

Choosing a pencil case should be a practical, calculated process. In addition to knowing the appropriate size, there are several things that need to be considered before making a purchase:

  • Design: Pencil cases have to be designed in a way that makes them easy to open and close, and to provide enough storage and/or compartments for the items inside. 
  • Appeal: Well-designed pencil cases are not boring! At TOTEM, there are many different trendy colours and styles that will appeal to just about anybody, and you won’t have a problem finding something that even the most fussy teenagers will love!
  • Quality: It is essential to find a high-quality item that will not fall apart within a few weeks. Have a look at the stitching, zippers and fabric, and ask about durability, to ensure that the item will last long and contain everything it should properly.

If you are looking for pencil cases and would like to avoid the last-minute rush, just get yours online from TOTEM! We only provide high-quality products that are made by skilled and committed craftspeople who take pride in producing work of high standards. Give us a call today to find out more!

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