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More Tips for the First Day of Primary School

More Tips for the First Day of Primary School

If you think you have everything ready for your child's first day at primary school, you may want to make extra sure a few days before the time. A week before your child is due to embark on their first day of primary school, take a moment to double check through the back to school stationery list the school supplied you with. If you have forgotten to purchase a pencil bag or other stationery item and if your schoolbag and stationery supplier is out of stock, you can always buy pencil cases online and enquire whether they could possibly expedite the order.

Not having a pencil case on the first day of primary school is not a train smash, but you must make sure that amongst all the excitement you do not forget to pack your child's lunchbox which may cause much unnecessary stress for your child.

If all the children in the school are required to have the same orthopaedic school bags for uniformity a good tip is to tie a ribbon or bag name tag onto your kids backpack so your child can easily distinguish their bag from all the others.

Some very useful stationary items that you may want to purchase that are not on the supplied stationary list includes extra plastic for covering additional books, a sturdy paper clip to mark the current day in your child's homework diary for easy access and of course an extra permanent marker for marking all your child's belongings clearly. A good idea to keep your child's loose worksheets neat and tidy in their school bag is to purchase a reusable plastic sleeve to put them in, if one is not provided by the school. This will keep important notices and papers all in one spot in their backpack and will prevent them from being torn and bent when packing or unpacking items in their schoolbag.

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