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Tips for the First Day of Primary School

Tips for the First Day of Primary School

Going to "big school" or primary school is a great milestone that most kids really look forward to. If your child has regularly attended preschool and completed their Grade R there too, they may need some encouragement before attending such a large new school for the first time.

Some primary schools offer grade R on the same premises as the main school - but somewhat separated from the older children. Your child may feel more relaxed going up to grade one under these circumstances, but none the less - it can still be am emotional experience for parents and children.

Apart from the new school uniform, school shoes and lunchboxes you will need to purchase for their first day of primary school, your child will need a good quality school bag, whereas previously a smaller kindergarten bag may have sufficed. Although your child will not be carrying too many heavy school books in the beginning, you will still want to teach them about how to carry their new cool school bag safely right from the start.

This will ensure that they continue to have good habits when carrying their school bags when they are older. Tell your child to make sure they put both the straps of their orthopaedic school bag over their shoulders at all times to prevent back problems caused by heavy school bags when they get older and have a heavier load to carry.

Teach your child to look after their brand new back to school stationery and to put all their belongings safely in their new cool school bag when not in use.

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