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Buy Quality Schoolbags for Your Child – and Your Peace of Mind

Is your child’s schoolbag simply not performing? Does your child often complain of back or shoulder pain? Ever felt bad watching your child lug a heavy schoolbag to and from classes? Buying the right schoolbag can be quite the challenge. When you find something to cater to the comfort of your child, you will probably find that they are put off by its boring or staid design and appearance. It can be hard to be a parent, catering successfully to both your child’s needs and wants, but fear not, because all hope is not lost.

If you have been looking for quality schoolbags, maybe our range of orthopaedic schoolbags is just what your child needs. One of the great advantages of our schoolbags is that they are backed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa. Some of them are even covered by a 3-year guarantee, to back our excellent product quality.

All the schoolbags in our range impress on every level. First and foremost, they are competitively priced. Secondly, they are manufactured from strong and durable materials that are easy to keep clean. They also impress in terms of their trendy designs. Thirdly, they are ergonomically designed, which means that they are designed to be comfortable and protect your child’s back and shoulders. You can avoid poor posture from a young age in your children, thanks to our latest range of quality schoolbags!

While we could punt these bags’ orthopaedic design as their number one selling point, your child would likely point this out for you. All the proof you need will be in the look of relief on your child’s face when they try on a TOTEM bag and discover its comfortable design. We have taken everything into consideration. The straps are padded for extra comfort, there is an adjustable growth buckle, and plenty of interior space to stash all those books and stationery. The fabric is designed to be trendy and colourful. In fact, there are many colour and design options for your child to choose from and we have carefully and strategically selected designs that intrigue and attract children and teens of various ages.

You will not have to convince your child that our schoolbags are good for them; their design and comfort alone are all that you need on your side. Our range of schoolbags has also proven to be extremely popular in schools across the country. We have branches that sell our range in every province as well, so you do not have to worry about how you will get your hands on the latest models. In addition to our orthopaedic range of schoolbags, we also feature ergonomic bags, Crawford schoolbags, sling bags, day packs, trolley bags, kindergarten bags, and lunch bags. You can even buy the latest durable pencil bags and cases from us. We have it all covered!

If you are interested in learning more about our range of quality schoolbags or would like to find a branch selling TOTEM bags near you, simply give us a call or send us an email today.

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