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Good Quality Kids Backpacks

Are Quality School Bags Too Expensive?

These days, consumers have a new take on buying quality school bags. Imports from the Orient have introduced a whole new range of cheap goods into South Africa. With Oriental markets popping up all over the country, it is no surprise that the manufacturers of luggage and school backpacks have taken quite a hit in regards to sales.

Parents are getting cheap school bags for their kids, because even though they have to replace them every few months, the cost is so low in the short-term, that they barely notice the long-term effects. But quality still has a place in the home, and the costs of buying a new bag every few months are really adding up.

Cheaper Options for All

As a parent, or the person holding the purse strings in your home, you may be wondering why you should spend thousands on a bag, when you can spend just a hundred. The need to save money for food and other items may leave you with little choice regarding how much you spend, but if you are not considering quality, you could be hurting yourself, and your child, in the long run.

Quality school bags have a number of benefits that their cheaper counterparts cannot live up to. Besides the fact that they last, better quality bags also ensure that your child has ergonomic support for their bag, and that their growth is not impeded by a bag that won’t be able to spread the weight of all their books over a bigger surface area. What this means is a lot more pain, skews in the spinal column and even, refusal to carry the bag that you have bought for them.

Can You Afford Quality School Bags?

Are you wondering whether or not you have the money to buy a quality bag right now? This is a concern that is on the minds of parents everywhere, and they often wonder whether a cheaper bag is an acceptable substitute for a high quality one. Ask any spine, child growth or pain specialist and they will agree that the competition isn’t even close. As children are still growing, a poor quality bag could put too much pressure on their spines, or muscles, and lead to defects and bone problems later in life.

If you are going to buy an expensive bag for your child, remember that high cost does not necessarily mean high quality. Your duty as a protector of your children is to investigate the bag’s qualities to ensure it is right for your child. Does the bag distribute weight evenly? Does it have two straps and not just one? And most importantly, will it last longer than one school term?

If the answer to any of these questions is negative, you need to keep your wallet in your pocket and walk away. Your paediatrician may be able to give you some recommendations for good quality school bags, so be sure to enlist their help. Give your child a better, brighter and stronger future by providing them with a school bag that will help, and not hinder, their growth.

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