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School Bags for Boys & Girls

Choose TOTEM for Comfortable School Bags for Boys and Girls!

All parents know how hard the life of a school bag can be, which is why not many school bags are able to withstand the daily wear and tear of life at school and at home. Nobody constantly wants to spend money on the purchase of yet another school bag halfway through the year, and often replacing school bags on a regular basis costs a lot more than you may think! This is why it is important to choose well when it comes to comfortable school bags for boys and girls.

Design is also very important – a schoolbag that looks good but is badly designed can cause all sorts of problems. Back pain, bad posture and shoulder injuries are only some of the physical injuries that can be caused by a bag that fits badly or one that doesn’t provide adequate support. It is also vital to choose the correct size of bag for your child, and ideally the size, weight and design of the school bag should be specifically suited to the child’s age and body. At TOTEM, we specialise in the ergonomic design of our products, in order to provide comfortable school bags for boys and girls that also prevent injuries. We provide information and guidelines regarding the use of our bags in order to help parents and children prevent the injuries that may be the result of incorrect use, bad packing or using oversized bags.

At Totem, we are passionate about providing products that are not only highly functional and well designed, but we also strive at all times to remain on trend with the latest industry developments, fashions and design. In addition to our comfortable school bags for boys and girls, we also produce a wide range of pencil cases and other accessories that your child will love! If you are looking for back-to-school products and accessories that are not only very good looking but also last long, give us a call at TOTEM today!

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