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Schoolbags for Girls – Make the Right Choice for Your Little Girl’s Development

For many parents, this past month has been a first for many things. Perhaps their little girl heading off to school for the first time is one of them. If you’re the parent of a girl, chances are that you’re feeling the void in your life as they spread their wings and fly into prep school or even “big” school.

The only thing that you can do now is ensure that they have the best start. You have undoubtedly been overwhelmed with the stationery list for the year and we all know that part of that list includes a bag to be used to tote all those books and stationery items around (let’s not forget space for some lunchtime snacks too).
Gone are the days where children could be provided with the same stock-standard satchel and be content with it. Kids in today’s modern society want to retain their individuality and freedom of self-expression and what better way to allow this than by buying a schoolbag that’s especially designed for girls.

At TOTEM, we understand, just as you do at this point, that small children pay very little attention to comforts and health issues and tend to dedicate their focus to what they deem “cool” or aesthetically appealing. With that in mind, we design all our kids’ schoolbags in bright colours and with trendy designs and patterns to encourage them to make a good choice.

We also ensure that we take care of the health issues that often present when making use of the wrong schoolbag. All our schoolbags are ergonomically designed and cater to your child’s orthopaedic needs while they are still developing. This means that good posture and balance are promoted by our bags and your little girl will have the best possible opportunity to grow and develop correctly.

Heard enough? Want to discover the actual range? Get in touch with us to find a dealer or distributor of our schoolbags for girls.

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