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How to Buy School Bags Online - 3 Top Tips

If you are looking to buy school bags online, you may face many obstacles. Online shopping has become common, but you still have to know what you are doing, especially when it comes to school bags. You may end up with something of inferior quality, or get a bag that looks good but injures your child, or something that may come apart quickly and leaves you with no recourse. Here are some tips on how to choose the best bags for your child online:

  1. Design: You have to determine how the bag was designed. Badly designed bags can cause injuries that last a lifetime; bad posture, shoulder damage, backache – these are all problems that your child may experience if you choose badly. Look for bags that are ergonomically designed; such a design takes into consideration the interaction between the object (school bag) and the person (your child) and incorporates certain design considerations that will ensure that this interaction does not cause injury or stress to muscles or the spine.
  2. Quality: Nobody wants to buy school bags online if they fall apart within a few weeks. Do your research and find suppliers that provide guarantees and warrantees on their online purchases. This means that they have faith in the bags that they supply and that the fittings, zips, stitching and fabrics will be able to withstand the perils of school life on a daily basis for a long time.
  3. Size: Check that the size of the bag fits your child’s body. Good bag designers will create and sell bags applicable for particular age groups to ensure that the bag fits the body of the growing child. Choose a bag that fits the age group and size of your child, and do not be tempted to buy a bag that is too big, as this may cause injury and back problems.

If you want to buy school bags online in South Africa, your best option is to contact our team at TOTEM. We specialise in the provision of ergonomically designed bags for children and adults. Give us a call to find out more!

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