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Schoolbag Shops in SA Selling TOTEM Bags

It is time to get that back-to-school shopping started, especially if you want to avoid all the crazy, last-minute shoppers who are set to storm the stores at the start of 2017. One of the greatest advantages to getting a head start on school shopping is that you will have access to a wider range, lower prices and, of course, there is no one to fight with over schoolbags, stationery, and so on. If you are shopping around in your area for schoolbag shops, chances are that you will find nearly every shop has some sort of bag or backpack to offer.

Unfortunately, not all school bags are created equal, so when browsing the schoolbag shops, it is important that you select a supplier that has a range of ergonomically and orthopaedically designed schoolbags. After all, you do not want your child struggling under the weight of schoolbooks and even breaking a strap when the load gets too heavy. Buying a schoolbag for your child is about so much more than just buying something with bright colours or a trendy design on it. It is about equipping your child for the busy days that they have ahead. Chances are, with the right bag and accessories, your child will enjoy their schooldays a lot more.

At TOTEM, our schoolbags are designed to last. They are made from the most durable fabrics and materials and they have been proven to be healthier and kinder to your child’s physique. We have many schoolbags for you to choose from. We are not just any schoolbag brand; our school bags are recommended by medical professionals as they offer posture protection, and are quality tested. To top it all, they offer excellent value for money.

Our retailers are located across South Africa and internationally too. Many schools also sell TOTEM schoolbags, which means that you can easily get your child’s next schoolbag from their school. If you are looking for a retailer in your area, you can find our latest range at your nearest (selected) Kloppers, Pick n Pay, Makro, Waltons, PNA, Office National, and Shoprite.

Gone are the days where lugging an oversized, overweight schoolbag around was “just part of life”. These days, all the resources are available to ensure that your child does not have to suffer any physical strain or injury while getting the education that they need and deserve. If you are buying one of our schoolbags, we also encourage you to check out our lunch bags, lunchboxes, trolley bags, pencil cases, and more. Our range is extensive and offers school children the opportunity to use professionally designed bags and look trendy and fashionable while doing so. Is that is not already a great reason to invest in a TOTEM schoolbag?

For more information and advice on our extensive range, visit one of our schoolbag shops in your area. Alternatively, give us a call or send us an email for more product related information and advice today.

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