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Choosing Schoolbags for Girls – and How to Avoid the Pitfalls

Choosing schoolbags for girls can be difficult, and often they have the most say about what is bought in the end. However, as a parent, you must remember that choosing the right bag is important, because getting one solely based on cute looks may cause injury to your child’s back, shoulders and posture, if the bag is of a bad design. It is therefore essential that you avoid the following pitfalls while choosing schoolbags for girls and boys:

  • Ask About Ergonomic or Orthopaedic Design: While there are many different schoolbags on the market, very few of them are ergonomically designed. Ergonomic design takes into consideration how the bag and the body of the child interact while the bag is being carried, and it is vital that the bag is designed in a way that works in harmony with the body instead of being to the detriment of it. A child spends a lot of time carrying, picking up and putting down the schoolbag, and it therefore has to be designed with this purpose in mind, providing support where needed to ensure a good fit. The weight of the contents must be distributed in a manner that does not pull the child forward or back, and hip straps may be present to aid weight distribution. Ask about all these factors before making a decision!
  • Do Not Buy Based on Price Only: We know how expensive life is, but never compromise when it comes to buying schoolbags for girls and boys. A cheap bag may break easily, and it could injure your child body over the long term. Rather invest a little more and ensure that the risk of your child sustaining an injury as a result of a badly designed bag is vastly reduced, or you might face medical bills later on that will make the price of a bag pale in comparison.
  • Buy High Quality: Because schoolbags tend to lead very hard lives, it is vital to choose something that will last. Ensure that the fabric on the exterior as well as the interior of the bag is robust. Also check the stitching, and pull on it a little to see how tough it is; choose our solid our double stitching to be doubly sure. The accessories such as zips, buckles and fasteners also have to be of high quality and function well in the long run.
  • Buy the Correct Size Bag: We know that with every grade your child passes, their book load gets heavier. Do not try to save money by buying a bag that is too big in order to cater for next year’s load, as this could cause injury. Ask the sales consultant about a bag that is specifically designed for the age group you are buying for. This will ensure that the bag will be the correct size and weight for the child, and will be less likely to cause injury to the body.

If you are looking for schoolbags for girls and boys that conform to ergonomic and orthopaedic standards, are designed for specific age groups, and are good-looking yet practical and durable, get in touch with our team at TOTEM today!

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