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School Kids Prefer a Sling Bag for Ease and Comfort

Why Buy a TOTEM Sling Bag or School Bag?

TOTEM is the brand name and distributor of superior quality school bags and accessories. The bags in our product stable are made to last for years, are aesthetically appealing and designed with positive health benefits in mind. The designs have been researched to ensure that the bags will not cause back injuries. With innovative and trendy designs, we’ve developed an extensive range which includes sling bags.

The features of the Totem range of bags include:

  • Extra padding at relevant areas to ensure ultimate comfort.
  • Orthopaedic designs to provide optimal internal contoured comfort.
  • Quality tested to ensure longevity of the bags.
  • Well-tested and as such, we can provide outstanding warranties and guarantees.
  • Made from top-quality raw materials and superior production techniques.
  • Firm and well-contoured base to provide the required support for protection of books.
  • Recommended by medical professionals.
  • Chiropractors Association of South Africa (CASA) endorsed.

Choosing the right size bag is essential for ultimate comfort. As such, select the size according to the child’s age group. For 6 to 9 years, we recommend the medium size orthopaedic school bag. For this, you can view the deluxe orthopaedic and Amigo orthopaedic ranges. For children aged 10 and older to young adult size, you can select one of the large size orthopaedic bags with focus on the Street, Style or Hardbody ranges. For bags suitable for kids 10 years and older until full adult size, we recommend the ergonomic backpacks, daypacks and sling bags.

Don’t buy a bag that’s too big for the child. Although it may at first make financial sense to buy the bag bigger than recommended to ensure that the bag can be used for a long time, an oversize bag will not provide the orthopaedic benefits and support for the smaller child. Indeed, buying a bag that’s too big will mean that the lumber padding will not fit on the right area of the child’s back and thus not provide the support needed. The top part of the bag will be too high and thus cause discomfort and neck strain.

Our bags, even the sling bags, are made to fit the specific age group, ensuring that the weight can be carried in the best supportive way possible. With the right size bag, the child’s back is protected and the correct posture is supported.

As a well-established brand, we have developed a solid track record of superior quality and guarantees. Our brand has been around for over ten years and we regularly add new products that are well-tested to our product offering. Our product range caters for all age groups according to their sizes. We endeavour to maintain our high standards in manufacturing, service delivery, guarantees, quality and research.

Why Retailers Should Stock TOTEM Products

You will find that with the superior quality embedded in every TOTEM product, whether it is a sling bag, school bag or an accessory – returns will be rare. You will offer your customers superior quality and thus value for their money. Our quality is consistent and the customers know when they see the TOTEM brand that it comes highly recommended by medical professionals. With a wide range of products on offer, you will be able to satisfy the needs of all age groups. We add new products to the range every year, so your product offering will stay exciting.

Place your order for sling bags or contact us as retailer, school or parent about our range and product offerings.

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