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Get the Best of Both Worlds with TOTEM Trolley Bags. Find Out More Here!

Something that many parents wonder about is whether trolley bags are better for their kids than backpacks. The truth of the matter is that both types of bag, if properly designed, can present a number of benefits to the children who use them. First, both trolley bag and backpacks make great school bags for kids of all ages. Why not have the best of both? That’s essentially what TOTEM trolley bags are.

If you find that you child is struggling to manage the weight of their current school bag, they can certainly benefit from a trolley bag as it makes it easier to cart around heavy loads. Remember that your child has to carry around schoolbooks, stationery, lunch, and various accessories all day. It can be tiring and if the load is awkward or heavy, it can place damaging strain on their shoulders, neck, and back. Rather alleviate the physical load with a trolley bag that’s pulled by a handle and attached to a sturdy frame with durable wheels.

TOTEM’s trolley bags are an ideal combination of the standard kids’ backpack and trolley bag. This means that the backpack has straps included so that it can be detached from the trolley frame and carried on the back, if that’s what is required. Another great feature is the rubber wheels. If your child likes to travel in stealth mode, they’ll certainly love that the wheels run so quietly.

The pull-out handle makes the bag easy to handle and the shoulder straps of the backpack can be neatly tucked away. Inside the bag, you will find two sizeable compartments and on the outside, two elasticated pockets for quick and easy storage access. Don’t worry about the bag showing wear and tear easily, as we ensure that all of our backpacks are manufactured from the strongest fabrics and by employing the most advanced production methods.

Looking for trolley bags for your kid’s schoolyear in 2017? Find them right here at TOTEM. Simply browse our online catalogue or get in touch with us via email or telephone today.

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