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Protect Your Child’s Physical Development by Investing in TOTEM Trolley Schoolbags

Do you ever look back on your school days and remember how tough it was lugging around the weight of what seemed like a million textbooks? Chances are that your children are suffering the very same plight if they have not been provided with the right schoolbag. Let us face it; not enough attention has been given to how a child’s physical development can be affected negatively by the impact of the wrong schoolbag. Schoolbags of the past were very rarely designed with posture and back health in mind. As times changed, more brands came on board with providing design elements to alleviate some of the strain and provide wearing comfort to the child.

And then came the TOTEM brand with an ergonomic and orthopaedic design. At last, there was a brand that truly got the need for a well-designed schoolbag right, while it is eminently affordable too. Included in their range are backpacks and trolley schoolbags as well. There is a schoolbag for every child and every occasion. And of course, a schoolbag that is friendly to the average parent’s budget too.

Schoolbags and accessories are just like clothing to children. They make a fashion statement, so you can expect that your child will show interest in bags that look good over bags that are comfortable. If this is the case, fret not! Our range of schoolbags features fashionable designs and trendy prints that kids simply love.

Our trolley schoolbags are one product that took the market by storm and they remain an extremely popular choice for good reason. Trolley schoolbags are designed to eliminate all weight and stress on a child’s back, neck, and shoulders. The bag is simply towed along on its wheels while being held firmly by its handle. The main compartment, which features a backpack design, is big enough to carry all your child’s books and school accessories. The sturdy design allows for the bag to be pulled behind them with ease. In this way, your child can really take a load off with this trolley bag!

The TOTEM-branded trolley bags are ergonomically designed and feature a top-quality trolley mechanism. The pull-out handle is easy to use and operates smoothly. The rubber wheels make for quiet rolling and there are even two tuck-away shoulder straps if your child wishes to wear it as a backpack instead. With interior and exterior storage compartments and a design that is manufactured from durable materials, you can expect this bag to last and last, without any specialist care. We all know that kids can be hard on their school items and this range has been designed to be ready for whatever the modern child can throw at it.

If you are interested in ensuring that your child can be comfortable and develop healthily during their school years, choosing the right schoolbag is essential. Take the time to discover our range of trolley schoolbags, which are available at various shops and distributors. Contact us via email or telephone to find a store in your area that stocks the TOTEM range.

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