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Help Your Child Take a Load Off with Trolley Schoolbags from TOTEM

It seems to be as difficult as ever to find just the right schoolbag these days. As a parent, you obviously want what’s best for your child, but it can be difficult to determine which products offer real quality and value for money and which don’t. It’s to be expected that your child’s schoolbag is going to take a beating. It therefore needs to be designed to handle the rough and tumble that it will face; sadly, not all are. Durability, functionality, and comfort should be deciding factors when choosing the best schoolbag. One particular product in our range that is particularly popular is our trolley schoolbags.

Let’s face it; these days, kids are expected to carry a lot around with them to and from school and between classes. The load can get heavy and, in some instances, cause strains, aches, pains, and general discomfort. Unless you have invested in an ergonomic, orthopaedic backpack, you can count on your child suffering some strain and perhaps ruining their posture. So, what’s the alternative? How can you help your child take a load off without compromising on their movement during the day? Trolley schoolbags are designed to carry the load in a healthier way. As the name suggests, the bag is not carried on the back, but actually wheeled along.

While our range of trolley schoolbags offers a variety of colours, print designs, and styles, they share the same main features. First and foremost, size is important, as you are sure to be worried about whether it will be awkward for your child to manoeuvre the bag around or not. During the design process, we have kept this in mind. Our trolley bags measure a practical and sensible 33 × 23 × 47 cm. Empty, the bag weighs just 2,7 kg, so you won’t have to worry about any unnecessary weight for your child to manage. 

The trolley mechanism is of the best quality, as it needs to last more than just a few months. The simple pull-out handle is easy to operate and the unit features rubber wheels to give a cushioned, and quieter, ride than plastic wheels. Inside the bag are two spacious compartments and on the outside, two elasticised pockets for additional storage. And, for those days when your child is travelling light, there are two tuck-away, padded shoulder straps.

Where can you get your hands on a trolley schoolbag? You can contact us for details of stockists in your area, or you can pay a visit to your local Makro, Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Kloppers, Waltons, PNA, or National Office.

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