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Best Trolley Schoolbags

How to Choose the Best Trolley Schoolbags for your Kid

Choosing schoolbags can be tricky and many people think that a trolley bag is the best option. And all a trolley bags are created equal, right? Wrong! Studies have proven that the exertion of incorrectly designed trolley bags can have a serious effect on the body of a young child, and you have to ensure that you choose the best trolley schoolbags if you prefer this option for your child.

The way children carry schoolbags has been a cause for concern for many parents and bag designers. Most schoolchildren spend the whole day lugging a load of books and stationery around while their muscular and skeletal structures are still developing. This means that they are exposed to the risk of injury and developing bad posture.

Over the last decade, the popularity of trolley schoolbags has increased because there is a perception that it relieves the child of carrying the weight and by pulling it instead, the risk of injury is reduced. While trolley schoolbags do offer some advantages because the load is supported on the ground, the child still has to pick up the bag to carry it across rough ground, and up and down stairs. This means that the design of the bag is still very important, and that it is vital that the child can still wear it on their back as an alternative way to carry it around during the school day.

The best trolley schoolbags are ergonomically designed, specifically for certain age groups. The size is also considered during the design, and getting an age-appropriate trolley bag for your child may reduce the temptation to overfill it. Certain supports such as padded shoulder straps and adjusters are built in to make the bag fit more snugly when it has to be carried, and the length of the trolley arm has to be correct in order to prevent the child from having to bend over too far while pulling it.

For the best trolley schoolbags that are well designed and of high quality, give our team at TOTEM a call to find out more about our outstanding range of schoolbags and accessories.

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