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Make School Life Easier With a Trolley Bag

Trolley Bag

Make School Life Easier With a Trolley Bag

You probably never considered a trolley bag to help your child carry their school books around during the day, and you probably never considered how such a small change can make such a big difference in your child’s school career. If you think back to your school days, you will most likely recall having a heavy bag to heave around with you the entire day. You will also recall how it used to cut into your shoulders and put pressure on your back, while you were walking to the next class.

If you already did not enjoy it back then, then your child will certainly not enjoy it in this day and age. The only real thing you can do is learn from it and make sure that your child has the best case to carry all their books throughout the day. When they are free to move from one class to the next, they will not have that constant burden of lugging their books around in such a demotivating way.

Make Your Child’s School Day Easier

Instead of carrying all that weight on their shoulders, they simply pull up the carry handle, tilt the bag over onto its wheels and they can drag it wherever they want, and they won’t feel a thing. School bags can weigh up to 20kg when they are full of books, textbooks and stationary, along with all the other things that get shoved in there during the day. Keeping that unnecessary weight off your child’s shoulders, will work wonders in terms of their health and posture, not to mention the benefits of an unburdened mind that arrives in class fresh and ready.

The wheels of a trolley bag are made from a highly durable plastic that will not break or crack, and will keep on rolling for many years to come. The base is reinforced, to ensure that no damage is caused from underneath the bag and all your belongings stay safe inside. The extensible handle is made from a lightweight aluminium so that it keeps the bag light and easy to move, and there is plenty of storage space with the 2 spacious inside compartments and 2 elasticated pouches on the outside for all those little extras.

A Trolley Bag Will Leave Your Child Smiling

Just about every trolley bag you find will be roughly medium sized and big enough for children aged 6-10 years. Children older than that will probably need a bigger bag to help carry more books and school stuff, but you will be glad to know that there are a variety of different sizes and colours to choose from, so your child will never go unhappy. The bags also have extra thick padding on the straps and orthopaedic support for the back, in case they decide to pick the bag up and carry it on their shoulders.

Totem’s increasingly popular reputation is growing because of the style and quality bags that they produce. More and more school children are turning to these popular bags, and they are taking advantage of the ease with which they can carry all their belongings around the school.

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