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Is a Trolley Bag Safer for Schoolchildren to Use as Opposed to Backpacks

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Is a Trolley Bag Safer for Schoolchildren to Use as Opposed to Backpacks?

Over the years backpacks were a standard for schoolchildren and college students, although nowadays a trolley bag has become the popular option. The disadvantage of traditional backpacks have come full circle as the textbooks get heavier and the homework load increases, and many schools have now banned the use of traditional backpacks in order to protect the wellbeing and health of schoolchildren.

Extensive studies have revealed that traditional backpacks can cause severe health issues, particularly to the spine. One of the first and foremost health risks with traditional backpacks is heavy loads applied to the spine for extended periods of time, as students carry materials and textbooks from home to school and throughout the day from classroom to classroom, the weight of a backpack takes its toll on a student’s back.

According to studies, the heavy load not only affects the spine but also puts strain on the neck, shoulders and back which over time leads to chronic muscle imbalance.

School Backpacks versus a Trolley Bag

Spine health researchers warn that the weight of traditional backpacks and the contents can cause students to suffer from posture deterioration. Heavy backpacks create an imbalanced stance and cause students to lean forward which in turn disrupts both coordination and posture and may also distort the back’s natural curves. Once a child’s curves have been distorted in the middle or lower back, the child will suffer irritation and muscle strain to the spinal joints and possibly the rib cage.

A trolley bag is easier for children to transport their school books from one classroom to another and it may be the best option as there is no risk of overloading. The trolley comes with a handle attached to a frame with wheels and a backpack attached to it, making it easy for children to pull around. However, there are professionals that do not recommend this option as children tend to turn their spine when they pull a backpack behind them.

Choosing a Suitable Backpack for Children

A school bag should be light and have several compartments so that children can organise their books and other items properly, which saves time when looking for items in the classroom. You can eliminate your child carrying heavy loads, as there are now ergonomic backpacks and trolleys that are comfortable, durable and functional and are designed to fit the child properly. Ergonomic backpacks help and support a child’s posture due to less strain on the growing spine.

These bags provide adequate support and padding when the bag is placed in the correct position on the back. The mounting prevents unnecessary strain on the shoulder and neck muscles and the padding and straps help to distribute the weight of the bag evenly. The bags can be mounted on a trolley or carried on the back and come with detailed guides for proper use and loading.

An Evenly Balanced Load

Ergonomic backpack designs centralise the position of books in order to balance the load evenly. They are neat and practical and have compartments for lunch boxes and water bottles and other school items. Protect your child’s health today by choosing an ergonomic Totem trolley bag or backpack.

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