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Are Trolley Bags better than Backpacks?

Are Trolley Bags better than Backpacks?

Many parents, teachers and schools showing an increasing concern over back problems caused by heavy school bags more and more parents are purchasing trolley bags for their children to be used on a daily basis. Kids' backpacks that children carry on their backs do have their advantages and disadvantages just like trolley bags do, therefore one should thoroughly compare the two in order to determine which school bag will be the best for your kid.

Trolley bags can make it easier for kids to transport their books, school stationery and lunch from one place to another and as there is no risk of overloading your child's back with a trolley bag it may just be the best option for you. Some schools do not allow children to use a trolley bag without a doctor's certificate, so make sure to enquire about it before you purchase one.

A trolley bag is pulled using a handle attached to a frame with wheels, onto which a kid's backpack is essentially attached to. The backpack on the trolley bag usually also comes with straps so that one can carry the backpack on your back if need be, but this can be very dangerous because of the added weight of the trolley. Some doctors say that trolley bags are not recommended for kids because they tend to turn their spines when pulling a heavy backpack behind them.

If the contents of your kids backpack worn on the back is properly monitored and it is an ergonomic school bag with enough padding and wide shoulder straps it may be a better option for you rather than purchasing a trolley bag. You will not have to worry about your child struggling with a heavy trolley bag up and down the stairs at school and toppling over or bumping into other kids at school in the passage way.

Whether you decide to purchase a trolley bag or a kids backpack all children should be taught to pack their school bags on a daily basis in order to keep all unnecessary items out of their bags which inevitably just add to the weight of the bag.

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