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Tips for Ultimate Schoolbag Comfort

Ultimate Schoolbag

Tips for Ultimate Schoolbag Comfort

Schoolbags come in various sizes, colours, styles and fabrics to ensure that the bags are representative of different tastes, ages and preferences. The average bag features compartments for storage of stationary, hair accessories, lunch boxes and more.
Compared to the conventional hand-carry school case, backpack schoolbags provide better overall posture support and don’t cause the weight to be carried on the one side of the body. The back muscles and abdominal muscles are used to carry the load, making the backpack better suited as the ultimate schoolbag style. If the correct size is selected and the backpack carried in the correct manner, it will help to distribute the weight evenly, preventing neck strain, shoulder pain and posture problems.

Help Children Pack Correctly

As beneficial as the backpack style schoolbag can be, if incorrectly packed, it will cause discomfort. Don’t allow the child to overload the bag. Apart from overloading and putting strain on the bag, thus affecting its durability, books are damaged. The main concern, however, is the health of the child. If the child tries to carry all their books and extra in their bag for the entire school day, they will experience discomfort. The ultimate schoolbag weight, if packed, should never be more than 10-15% of the child’s body weight.

A heavy backpack is also a safety hazard, as the child will struggle to balance and the way the child walks will eventually change to compensate for the heavy load. The child’s back has vertebra, which are discs that must handle the shocks that the spine takes. If an overloaded and too heavy bag is placed on the back, the child will lean forward to compensate for the weight. This will cause spine compression and the child will start to experience neck, shoulder and back pains, as well as develop posture problems. It is thus important to teach the child to pack the bag for comfort.


Many children, especially high school kids, wear their schoolbags only over the one shoulder. It may look cooler, but the weight is placed on the one shoulder only and the body will lean to the one side. If the weight is light enough, it is fine to wear the bag over the one shoulder, but for this, we recommend buying one of our sling bags, made for wearing over one shoulder.


Avoid backpacks with too narrow shoulder straps, as such will cut into the shoulder flesh, causing blisters and discomfort. Too thin straps can also cut off blood circulation leading to a tingling feeling in the arms. The ultimate schoolbag will have wide shoulder straps and will feature extra thick padding in the straps for optimal comfort.

Shop According to Age Group

The ultimate schoolbag will be age appropriate to ensure support on the right areas of the body. Don’t buy a bag that’s too big for your child. Rather buy one that’s the correct size and a larger one that can be used when the child reaches the appropriate age.

View our range of bags and place your order for the ultimate schoolbag today or use the store finder to locate a retailer that stocks TOTEM bags in your town. Retailers are welcome to contact us for information about our product range.

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