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Choosing Water Bottles to Keep Your Children Hydrated

Children are more active than adults and usually much smaller, so it is essential that they avoid the risk of dehydration during hot days and sports sessions. Encouraging a child to consume lots of water from a young age means that they are more likely to take in fluids and to maintain proper hydration. The best way in which to take in fluids during a busy school day or at a sports event after school, is to drink fluids – preferably water – from insulated water bottles!

It is estimated that a child should drink around 4 – 6 glasses of water or fluid a day. Of course, sugary drinks are never a good idea and ideally they should stick to low sugar fluids or pure water. The amount of fluid to drink will also depend on a variety of factors – the age of the child, the weather and the amount of activity. It is also possible to enhance hydration with certain types of food – watermelons and oranges contain a lot of liquids, but the best way to keep the child hydrated is still to ensure that they have access to water wherever they go – especially at school! A hydrated brain helps them to focus and to perform better.

While there is a whole variety of water bottles on the market, caution is advised when choosing one for your child. Often, there are toxins in plastic – BPA is commonly found in shop-bought water that has been stored in plastic for a while. It is important that the water bottles you choose are free from harmful toxins and keep the water as fresh and pure as possible. It is also important to ensure that the water bottles you buy can be recycled and can be re-used numerous times. Often, if we put other liquids into a water bottle, it could leave a residual taste or odour. In this case, it is advisable to get a high-quality water bottle that can be washed at high temperatures or in a dishwasher.

There are studies that show that polycarbonate plastic may leach harmful chemicals into the liquid or substance it contains. Epoxy resin contains BPA and may become a health hazard when old or left in the sun. Insulated bottles are best, as they do not leach toxins and are protected from the damaging UV rays.

During winter, it is also possible to use insulated water bottles for warm liquids, such as rooibos tea or soup. Not only does this help to keep the brain and body hydrated, but it also provides nutrition and vitamins. Again, insulated bottles are best, as they help to keep the fluid inside at an ambient temperature. 

When choosing a water bottle, choose one that has a wide neck. This helps to accommodate the addition of ice cubes to keep the liquid inside cool. Chunky soup can also remain warm for a good period of time.

If you are looking for well-designed, insulated water bottles for your children, contact our team at TOTEM or have a look at our range of innovative, trendy water bottles on our catalogue page. Contact our friendly team for more information!

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