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What to do with old Kids Backpacks

What to do with old Kids Backpacks

A new school year often means spending lots of money. Aside from buying new text books, back to school stationery and uniforms you will want to save as much as you can and not waste money on unnecessary items. You do not have to buy a new kids backpack at the beginning of every year. If your kids backpack is still in a good condition, often just a quick wash and clean will leave it looking brand new and ready for a new school year ahead.

A slightly damaged kids backpack does not necessarily have to be thrown away. If the zipper for example does not run as smoothly as before or if it is completely broken, you can always take the backpack to a seamstress or upholstery store to have it replaced. Some dry cleaners also offer these services and will also be able to mend any small holes in the material of the backpack itself.

Many schools have notice boards or classified advertisements that you can place in the school newsletter to sell old school items. This is ideal if you had to purchase a branded kids backpack because it was part of the schools requirements and your child has left the school but the backpack is still in an excellent condition. You can even donate your old kids backpack it to others that may not be able to afford a new school bag.

If you feel your old kids backpack is too good and useful to part with, you can always embellish it with various pieces of material and other goodies and turn it into a weekend backpack for when your kids visit their friends. An iron-on transfer can also be put over the school branding on your kids backpack and this is a quick and easy way to give new life to your kids' old backpacks.

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